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3 Frugal Weight Loss Tips

Lose weight for less with these 3 easy, impactful tips


How To Increase Your Daily Productivity

Morning routines establish a more productive and less stressful day. Here are some tips on how to ease into a new early ritual


4 New Yoga Techniques

Stretch, hang, stroke, spin, bark. Yoga is evolving to fit the spiritual and cardiovascular needs of fitness buffs. From the bizarre to the furry, here's a look at the latest trends in getting bendy


A Nutty Weight-Loss Idea

Eating high-fat nuts could improve the functions of your body


How To Get Ripped Without a Gym Membership

At-home fitness programs such as P90X and Insanity are extraordinarily popular. How well do they work for the average person and what are the risks and benefits of doing these extreme fitness programs without a trained professional?


4 Step Weightloss Plan

Follow these 4 steps to help maintain a successful and healthy diet and exercise routine that can effect lasting change


How To Resist Weekend Temptations

Here’s how to live-it-up on the weekends without adding on the extra pounds


Cancer-fighting Veggies

Health benefits increase as vegetable consumption rises


2 Steps to Nutritional Meals

Putting healthy meals on the table requires more forethought than good intentions

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